Over 15 years creating solutions for military and civilian applications


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who we are

Trident World Systems, Inc. (TWS)

TWS is a Service-Disabled Verteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with significant operational knowledge in Army Aviation, as well as research and development of advanced flight and weapon systems.

TWS consists of a conglomeration of professionals with the ability to provide subject matter expertise in multiple fields, to include advanced technology research, and product design and development.

TWS is experienced in state-of-the-art technologies in aviation and unmanned systems. Our greatest strength is our Army Aviation experience, with members of our team being experienced, Longbow Apache, Kiowa, and Blackhawk helicopter aviators and mechanics. We have provided engineering support to companies such as AAI Textron and Bosch Aerospace.

Our team currently provides logistics /sustainment support to the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program Manager’s Office at Redstone Arsenal.

DUNS: 617094482

Experience. Creativity. Execution.

What We Do

Concept, design and development.

Trident World Systems creates solutions for military and civilian applications.

experience and


Richard Adams


“Nothing is hard enough to do if you really know what you are doing.”
– Richard Adams

Mr. Adams has an MBA from the University of North Alabama, a master’s degree in psychology, and is a PhD candidate in social psychology concentrating on advanced technologies and human interaction (graduation 2021).

The CEO of Trident World Systems has over 30 years of successful management experience and spent over 20 years in the US Army as an Enlisted Soldier, Warrant Officer, and Commissioned Officer and he currently holds six patents in aircraft and other defense related designs with two patents pending.

Experience in the following areas: Aviation, company operations, program management, training, logistics, operations, intelligence, test and evaluation, and product innovation, design, and manufacturing.

Proven Leadership: Richard Adams (Founder, CEO) – Lead designer with the following products on the market or in pre-production:

• UH-60M Blackhawk Helicopter Blade Fold Kit;
• HUMVEE Crew Extraction Bracket;
• FOD and Fuel Sample Station (FFSS);
• HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) Sensor Manifold and Housing Container;
• First Responder “Man-Tracker” Case;
• Sparrowhawk UAS (moving to production).



Our mission is to be relentless in solving problems for our customers ranging from solving process problems, providing innovative products to fill a specific need, to providing subject matter experts in many areas of manned and unmanned systems.



Our vision is to maintain a strong innovative company aimed at problem solving. We believe that the key to our success is predicated on the interplay of four main elements: Having talented and visionary people, products, and services, staying at the leading edge of technology and idea generation, establishing and maintaining business and personal relationships, all while maintaining a high level of business ethics.